Old School Sundays with John Huddleston

Its been a couple of weeks without an Old School Sundays feature, let’s get back to it with some contest footage of John Huddleston ripping at the 1988 AFA Masters in Carson, California. Very little dead time in John;s riding, amazing flow and really exciting to watch.

3 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with John Huddleston

  1. Several iconic contests were held at the Veldrome in Carson, but the problem is the area wasn’t easy to ride. It was slanted and bumpy. Not to mention the first time you got to ride on the actual contest floor was during your run. It’s a shame that the classes were so large that the AFA was forced to have a one run only policy. I think this is a case where John would have likely sleighed his second run on that floor. Great rider!

  2. Todd, though John har a totally his own style I agree with you, he would have killed it if he had an opportunity to practice on the floor!

  3. Awesome rider. It’s a shame that in the era where contests had at least 120 competitors each class, talented riders like John Huddleston couldn’t show their real skills because of overcrowed and bumpy areas… One extra reason to keep hating contests and being fine to stay away from that trap……

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