Seiya Higa – Okinawa Japan

Seiya Higa from Okinawa, Japan often goes under the radar. Hit play and enjoy this shredders technical front wheel riding styles. Especially liked the xft nose full flapjack steam at the 3:06 mark. It’s a good day for edits!!

7 thoughts on “Seiya Higa – Okinawa Japan

  1. woOw that is awesome, so good!!!!!
    Yes, today is one of these days on FM where on we can f**ng enjoy the deepness of flatland, and the good vibes that come with that
    Just stoked, really stocked on that vid, thanks to the people involved

  2. W.T.F. ??!!!! @ 1.01 minutes ………nose manual , with one hand upside down , turbine , dropping down to cross fire haul , turbining AND fire pinking , leaping over the frame , x upping his arms , while butter slipping his body , landing in a switch hand steam , with a single kick to turbine AGAIN !! Talk about TECHNICALLY SLLLAAAAAAMMMMMMMED !!! Ya read my mind , Effraim ……..was literally juuuuuuust chatting with pro park rider , Brandon Hopkins , used to ride for Mutiny bike company , V-club clothing , and Riff Raff components …..I was chatting with him right before a session about…….THIS GUY , Higa ! Hahaha , STOKED ya posted some flavor from him , his riding style is just SWEEEEEET ! AGREED , Valance and R …….THIS edit IS ripping , underground riders are ALWAYS cooking up some KILLER links / concepts on their bikes , at ALL times . Higa shows , just THAT in this edit…………..

    • I think it’s close to being a must watch edit. Seeing him ride in a session I can say that Seiya definitely has the capacity to blow our minds with original tricks. When I was in Japan I was looking for riders to film for Landscapes and he is the first person I asked.

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