Must Watch – Mateus Beckmann / Flatland & Street 2019

Catching up on videos and news across the globe after a busy weekend at work and the Backyard jam yesterday. And we kick start the week with a belter from the Brazilian flat/street wizard, Mateus Beckmann. In terms of fusing the two disciplines together, Mateis is as progressive as gets right now.

At two tracks long, it’s evident Mateus has put some work into this one and from the opening 180 hp backwards manual whopper to manual 180 out, my eyebrows were raised thinking wow this is going to be a good one! First impressions ana all that!

From the Switch foot rocket hang 5 jump from right foot on back peg to foot whip (as bike spins) to manual 180 out at the 1:05 mark, mixing the riding styles so good right here. Short sweet and to the point. There’s a lot packed into this edit its pretty hard for me to not write an essay but I am impressed as much with his street skill as his flat skill, and its not often you can say that. At the 2:24, the manual going opposite to 180 downhill is so good, and the nollie or nose 540 fakie at 2:34 is unreal! The hits just keep coming..

In the modern street riding era, I would like I would like to see Mateus in the contest with Garrett Reynolds, Alex D, Paley, etc etc…

Go watch this one and get stoked for your session today! Skills….

20 thoughts on “Must Watch – Mateus Beckmann / Flatland & Street 2019

  1. O.M.G. !! The FIRST line just FULLY woke my ass up ,this morning , haha……had a feeling this cat was conjuring up some LETHAL lines on his bike ! Its been waaaaaaay too long …since we have heard / seen something from him…..then ……..BAM …..THIS drops ! Im gonna be watching THIS all week , haha……hes TRULY in a league of bmx , that he just OWNS , TIMES 7 ! 18o BAR ……UP stairs ………..regular AND switch ?! C, MON NOW !! I bet this edit gets the ROYAL treatment on EVERY bmx site online, today ….haha ! When ya think of the MUST WATCH tag…….ya think of THIS edit . Good on ya , Big -E ! Now time to take this in……………..wHAT an edit to kick off Monday morning !

  2. That was amazing. Got to see some insight into Brazilian life too. Loved every clip! Rides street like the guys on the BSD team!

    • Looks like he gets through parts!! Noticed he’s switched from zero to full os and min offset!
      Frame become streetier compared to his former low slung ‘Flat’ set ups,, back in 2014/15.

      Choo Choo ….

  3. Pure madness! This guy already deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the greats and he has so many years of riding ahead of him. Just incredible.

  4. Not into street, but the 180 drop off to b’wards manual looks great & the height makes it harder, I’m thinking. The other thing that comes to mind’s if pure street/park riders saw this, who knows, maybe more into flat. Overall, l think it’s all good.

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