Seppl Pospischil – The 25th Year

Ever wonder what happened to Seppl Pospischil? I’ve been curious a bunch of times when I see random clips pop up time to time from the early 2000 era. Seppl explains all below, great to see him riding and more importantly, enjoying himself…

“In fact, the last three years of riding BMX have been an emotional roller coaster. I’ve had back problems for a long time (who doesn’t have them) and a hip damage in between, which fortunately has healed. At the beginning of 2020 I destroyed my shoulder after I was finally fit again with my back. I used the break to clean up my archive and found various unpublished material (180+ clips!). In addition, I had to realize that I’m about to celebrate my 25th BMX anniversary in the BMX year 2020. So what could be more obvious than making a video out of the material?

To see the thing finished now has a “treat”. Serious flatland riding has unfortunately not been possible for a long time. But my back allowed me to cruise around in skateparks and on pumptracks. Often, against better knowledge, my ego came through, which was promptly acknowledged with lumbago. You just have to listen to your body more and switch to vacation mode if necessary. I had to learn that first. My kids and my wife are mainly responsible for the good vibes in the video. They forced me in front of the camera on our trips, even if I sometimes didn’t want to. For that a big THANK YOU and therefore also the home video character in one place or another 😉

Many thanks also go to SIBMX / Bodo Hellwig for 17 years of excellent support. And I would also like to thank Ali from Moto for the pedals and the kunstform BMX Shop for everything else.

Somehow this video comes full circle. 25 years ago I started BMX as a youngster in the skate park, now I’m back with my two boys. Let’s see what the future will bring … I’m definitely up for it!


Seppl Pospischil

7 thoughts on “Seppl Pospischil – The 25th Year

  1. So inspiring, crazy riding besides all these setbacks!! Awesome Flow through the edit! First two clips, the turbine whiplashes to bank, and Last clip were nuts!! So good to see this Seppl!

  2. Been a fan since he had a front brake on the SWITCH side of his bars , doing those side yard -blind frame leaps , landing to a spastic switch hand steam squeak ……even landing them on the PEDAL in some lines ! Its was so rad to me watching him ride cause of him doing switches / transitions with his brake on that SWITCH side……..he would be SLLLAAAAAMMMMING all kinds of pivots , bar flips , and switches , nailing them with AND without a brake , depending on which side of the bike he was on , and if he was bars big or bars small , totally flowing through stubble duck , X-leg pivots , varials , and just a load of Gnu-twitching , too ! To this day I STILL go through his Kunstform office ,lunch break session videos and his old edits of him BUSTING OUT X-leg side packer flips , all kinds of MENTAL whiplash lines , cross , pedal and X-leg stance , aboard the orange frame he used to ride ……and his contest runs in Budapest , Hungary . The O.S.G. contest ? I think thats what it was called ?! Seppl just flat out RIPS @ street jibs and of course flatland , even mixing the two . He done a insane amount of progressive video parts , edits , etc ,etc ……since like , early 2001 ! STOKED to see him still getting some time in on his bike , bet the push / motivation from his family is as energizing mentally , as it is coming from his fellow BMX family ! Such a treat , this edit just popping up on this site…….I look foward to even more of his riding at ANY level because he has a distinct riding style of his own . Bummed to hear about his injuries ……BUT …..excited that he STILL has enough spirit and good will to keep riding and having fun , being THAT is really the main goal / reward in the first place ! SALUD , Seppl ! Your video part in O.G. Martons , I think its Trick Stars part 5 and a half ??! That ,along with ALL your numerous video parts……STILL hold MUCH weight to this very day………….

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