Shane Weston – On the rocks

Chad Johnston sent in this sick flatland edit from street shredder, Shane Weston, who I believe is currently testing the much hyped Eclat freecoaster. It’s crazy how kids at the skatepark, tell me this isn’t flatland, what the hell is it then? Expect some wild whopper variations and bunnyhop variations in this edit for

9 thoughts on “Shane Weston – On the rocks

  1. Kids are stupid… They tell me I’m riding flatland at the skatepark when I do something at the top of the bank.

  2. I guess it’s all a matter of the observer’s perspective. It’s all freestyle, but people need to put everything into a catagory for some reason.
    Thanks Chad for submitting the clip.

  3. It reminds me of an 80’s skate video Future Primitive, Ray Barbee was cruising down the street doing flatland tricks but on a street skateboard in a street setting. I think that was the one. If there is no obstacle you always have flat tricks to work on that now relate to street riding. Later on Rodney Mullen traded in the little flatland board for a street setup and changed that whole game. Evolution. Sick clip!! Andrew Farrisesque.

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