Shuichi Osada starts Buoyancy!

New handle bars from a new company founded by Shuichi Osada called “Buoyancy” will be available in Sep. Takuji Kasahara and a few other riders have been testing this prototype and none of them got bent or broken so far. “So we can say it’s strong!” If anybody outside of Japan interested in this bars contact Takuji on facebook. It’s not clear right now if its a parts company, or frames as well. Specs for the bar above.

4 thoughts on “Shuichi Osada starts Buoyancy!

  1. I was staying with Taku when he got these bars. I gave them a try and they feel great. Osada is a awesome dude too. If you’ve seen his riding you know he created something for top notch riders. Support small companies and buy some bars. Ill be getting mine asap.

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