Simon O’Brien: KOG Asakusa 2003

It is mad quiet for content right as the second lockdown hits here in the UK to try and tackle the pandemic. Let’s kick things off today, with this amazing footage from the KOG archives. Simon O’Brien goes off at the KOG Asakusa 2003. So much hard shit in this run, don’t miss this!

One thought on “Simon O’Brien: KOG Asakusa 2003

  1. Typical Simon Obrien ! Laying down some seriously hard as sh-t combos….. that would BANG , BANG , BANG today in 2020……..and being laid back , calm , and making each line look as if it was easy , when its SOOOOOO not ! Just look at that cross Karl pivot to BACKWARDS crack packer … FULL bar flip , landing to turbine steam @ 2.08 MINUTES ! Friggin 2003 , folks ! 2003 ! Dont even get me started on 2.51 MINUTES !! Im guessing he won this K.O.G. ?! This run sure was enough to………

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