4 thoughts on “George Manos: ABYSSEROS

  1. Loving this new edit , George ! Your superior , signature moves ……SANS pegs AND brakes are ALWAYS a true visual gift to sit back , marvel over and behold ! The way in which you created the editing ……..one more thing that Im highly stoked on . Being a huge fan of past Ellsworth Watson , aka…….ELLS BELLS ….I love every single BMX film that he ever produced from 1991 to around 2002 ! Probably Dope Ammo , being my favorite by him. Andrew Arroyo , his section is the video , to this day blows my mind ! This edit has THAT kinda vibe ……..a true FREESTYLE , raw , core , intense , soulful , type of edit ! Your SLLAAAAAMM DOWN moves of progressive , breaking barriers type of pegless / brakeless riding just adds even MORE chaos , a GOOD kind of chaos to this super rad edit ! Also………George , very curious ……whats the name of the band in this edit , bruv ?? I was telling Giannis about a VERY skilled band called Human Rejection from your home land , GREECE ! They broke up some years ago , but Im sure ya would dig em ! Proceed to terminal isolate being their MOST rad song ! Their drummer was friggin AMAZING , TIMES 7 and is one of their perks to jamming their music ! Anyway…….SUPERB art / work ,as ALWAYS , George !!

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