Sakis Doumas: Meet the Locals

I’m a bit late posting this one. Feeling the raw vibes from Greece, in this new edit featuring Saki Doumas who just getting back into riding after a long layoff the bike. Saki rides with Yeloz, and street riders Andreas and Second one is Mavros Alogos. Filmed in October 2019/August 2020, from his phone. Such a nice looking spot to session with your friends.

4 thoughts on “Sakis Doumas: Meet the Locals

  1. Talk about a rad day for edits !!! GREECE is RULING today ,on this site ………….Had no idea you were off your bike , Sakis ! So this new edit of you , your crew is quite a welcomed surprise ! All of your rolling POWER -PEDAL moves are TOO damn SAVAGE …..I can watch them 24-7 , each time feeling like the FIRST time ……I just cannot wrap my head around ROLLING on BOTH pedals , via a fudge packer , gerator , or a stick-b ! Ive STRUGGLED for YEARS just messing with a SCUFFING caboose on the pedal , hahaha ! ROLLING all these positions AND with turbines ………..THAT makes you a PROGRESSIVE elite innovator , Sakis ! I loved every second of this edit . Multiple disciplines of sports , creative moves , a very rad FAMILY kinda vibe that your whole crew shows , you can really feel the love AND support for one another , while at the SAME time all of yall push each others level ! Its a GREAT thing to have a SOLID session crew , and this edit displays that and even MORE , campeon ! When THAT song kicked in …… head was nodding , jamming to the song ,along with yours and everyone moves on their bikes , inline skates , skateboards , etc, etc, ……..I think that song was during a Travis Colllier / Kotaro Tanaka section in Chad Johnsons , LINKT BMX film ??! Its a SLLLAAAMMMMED jam to fit right along with all your POWER-PEDAL moves and everyone of your crews moves ,also !! MORE of this , Sakis and I wish ya a speedy recovery …….so you can show us all how its created AND done , ROLLING on those PEDALS , bruv !!

  2. @ 7 .56 MINUTES ! ALSO………..@ 7.00 MINUTES !! A crazy SWITCH PEDAL carving rocket , crossing over to NO footed can-can rocket and your NO handed PEDAL stance , turbine gerator !! YEEEEESSSSS , Sakis !!

    • Thank you very much Rodney aka biggest stamina comboman! Well long story short i was away for 18 months after i completed 20 years of riding after end of 2017. I changed my diet back then and went to eat raw food for 12 months. This was just fruits,vegetables and nuts. No protein,processed food nothing. I lost around 20 pounds and together i lost some muscles that i was working for years to have extra force for the pedal moves! All pedal moves get you tired faster! So i wasnt riding a lot on 2018 with a purpose to detox more my body with less injuries and other things. It was the best thing i did ever but it was full mental and hard. I wasnt able to ride and i needed a break as my body was tired from two years of Moc,work and 4-5 international competitions i entered. But i was preparing for moc 9 months per year and each round i had other tricks. I was riding for 8 hours for weeks at the end of each round.Then on 19’ i started riding again more often but i wasnt fully as i was working hard all winters construction work and summer full on again. On October 2019 i came back again riding daily 2-3 hours. After the detox i gained more flexibility and less injuries. Except this june that i landed on my herniated discs after a fall from a skim board! I did around 14 psythiotherapies from then and now i stretch daily! That lower back is a big problem and i am trying to keep it strong for the last ten years i got injured! I will only upload new tricks on my youtube account anymore. I will enter Moc next year and i am already preparing from now. As for my scene its great lot of friends and marble at this spot,although its broken And slippery at some points. We lost the indoor area the mall as the dont allow us to ride there anymore. Not sure about the songs! I ll check those videos and let you know. Thank you for the feedback! Ride on!

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