Varo Hernandez joins We The People!

Photos by @macoflat, Maximiliano Inostroza.

Exciting news dropped the other day, Varo Hernandez has really stepped up his game in 2020. And got a well deserved spot on the We the People team. I got in contact with Varo (and WTP), and asked him for the official word before I published the news, here it is. Congratulations Varo!

I am so stoked to join such a great company! I just came back from my second session with the prototype of the new Utopia Hybrid frame and it feels fantastic, super balanced and reactive.
Wethepeople is back to the flat game strong, they already have two super talented and young riders in the team, Keiryo and Julien, and soon they will release a whole new flatland line that I can’t wait to come out!

Welcome to the Wethepeople familia Varo Hernandez 🥂
Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Varo is one of the most dialled and stylish Flatlanders emerging into the scene right now. We’re excited to add Varo to the Utopia squad with fellow new-school flatland rippers Julien and Keiryo.

Varo is riding a sample of our new #UtopiaHybrid frame which will be dropping with a full revamp to our Flatland aftermarket line in a few weeks time.

3 thoughts on “Varo Hernandez joins We The People!

  1. Dude has emerged as a top tier contest rider along with putting out a solid collection of video parts over these last few years (Landscapes 3, Nice Nice Very Nice). You really can’t ask more from a rider. Well deserved Varo!

  2. I personally still cant believe that he has those half-cabs to REAR PEG nose manuals dialed as hell …… much that he just throws em in the mix at will . A REALLY great rider / asset to the team for 2020 ! Hes been ripping up the pavement on his bike like crazy since 2013 , and now after / during the coaching of the M.K. Format………hes been unstoppable , TIMES 7…..Congrats !

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