Sportszone Go Fund Me: Can you help?

I was sad to hear Rob Alton lost his Sportzone riding spot in Hungary, and he hit me up with a go fund me page as he looks for another venue. Read on, if you can help him out, hit the link below!

“Hi guys! As most of you know we lost our venue for Sport Zone last month. We lost a great place which has hosted 6 awesome events with riders from all over Europe attending. The riders who have attended will know what I’m talking about!

More importantly to me we lost our BMX school, which had some great talent with riders ranging from 5-42 years old! They would like Sport Zone to continue and so do we, so I have made a GoFundMe page.
We plan to invest and build our own place, but we need help for the initial start up.

If you can and would like to support our project here is the link. Please remember every little helps including the small donations. Thank you Rob Alton and the Sport Zone family.”

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