Navid Saleki: At my own pace

Navid Saleki is a name many won’t have heard from for a few years, really original rider with unique style of riding flatland. I miss seeing his edits actually, here’s what Navid had to say:

“As you know but many don’t past 6 years i’ve been living in Italy. Here i have discovered the thrills of Downhill riding which i did three years and came 13th in my class at the European championships and soon after i discovered Powered Paramotoring, The beauty of flight!
Which took lots of time but especially energy. This have made me ride different and less (noting) in the Flatland scene. Due to the current restrictions, Flatland saved my mental health once again! and this time i took the chance improving my editing skills and came up with this little “creation”,At my own pace.

We hope to see more Navid, I was happy to Hera that flatland helped his mental health.

One thought on “Navid Saleki: At my own pace

  1. I miss seeing Navid’s riding – it was always interesting and unpredictable. Even at contests he would have some surprise.

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