Navid Saleki: At my own pace

Navid Saleki is a name many won’t have heard from for a few years, really original rider with unique style of riding flatland. I miss seeing his edits actually, here’s what Navid had to say:

“As you know but many don’t past 6 years i’ve been living in Italy. Here i have discovered the thrills of Downhill riding which i did three years and came 13th in my class at the European championships and soon after i discovered Powered Paramotoring, The beauty of flight!
Which took lots of time but especially energy. This have made me ride different and less (noting) in the Flatland scene. Due to the current restrictions, Flatland saved my mental health once again! and this time i took the chance improving my editing skills and came up with this little “creation”,At my own pace.

We hope to see more Navid, I was happy to Hera that flatland helped his mental health.

Decade of Flatland: 2010/2020 Part 4

Intro/Questions: Effraim.
Photos: Alberto Moya, Stephane Bar, Ride UK, Agency Photo, Kai Kussisto.

As we reach the final part of my Decade of Flatland article, the opinions are nicely varied. Opinions are just that, opinions (we all have one)…., we are at a healthy point in the progression of flatland where new tricks are shown almost weekly on instagram, and pretty much periodically, via video parts that are shown on the site.
For me, it doesn’t matter about your bike set up, brakes or brakeless. What matters is that your out there doing it, and living the culture of flatland and contributing something. For this final part I catch up with the boss Martti Kuoppa, Lee Musselwhite, and Jean William Prevost. All three riders, have massively contributed to the artform side of flatland, video parts, contests, and also the industry side of things too. Grab a cuppa, and enjoy this final part…

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Throwback Thursdays with Martti Kuoppa

MK in action from Martti Kuoppa on Vimeo.

The big news this week, Martti Kuoppa relaunched the iconic brand, Junglerider after a ten year hiatus. It’s a no brainer to dedicate this week’s Throwback to the man I called “The boss”. Watch this part back, this would be a Must Watch without a doubt if this dropped today, timeless flatland and many of these switches remain untouched….

Effraim Catlow – Farewell to Junglerider!

They say all good things have to come to an end! And that is certainly regretfully the case here. For two years, riding for Junglerider and particularly the honour of being asked to ride for the company by one of my riding heroes, Martti Kuoppa is something I won’t forget in a hurry.

Over the last two years I have been testing my signature “E-frame” with plans for it to go into production, but there sadly hasn’t been enough interest in the frame. We needed to take minimum of 100 orders, nowadays I realise that flatland is a saturated market and that is a tough order to make.

Now I have got to the situation where I have cracked my first prototype which lasted 2 years, there are no more frames to ride, so rather than have no bike at all. It’s time to go get a new bike!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Martti and Simon at Junglerider, for all they have done for me, and the very fact Martti believed in me in the first place. Going back and forth with Martti producing countless progression clips/edits in 2011, is something that will remain with me forever.

In keeping with the Junglerider/Flatmatters philosophy, hope you enjoy the farewell clip! More to come…

Thank you Boss!

Effraim Catlow