Last Times: Alberto Moya

Intro/Questions: Effraim.
Photos: Kai Kuusisto, Sebastian Schulz, Matthieu Métivet Photographer, Sakis Doumas.

With all the in-depth articles recently on the site, I felt it was time to bring back the “Last Times” feature that is intended to be something quick and snappy. Something you can scan over really quickly, and get back to your riding session. Up first, Alberto Moya!

Last time…..

I rode was: Inside Yesterday. Outside on March 13th.

Last time you were injured: was June 2018. I broke my very first bone, it was my big toe but it wasnt a big issue. Just 2-3 weeks of the bike.

Got a puncture: Honestly I don’t remember.

Bike part you broke: A steam thread and spokes. I dont usually break parts.

Trick you learnt: X-footed Gerator? I learned at home XD… But outside a couple of days before the confinement I learnt this ( ) Not a trick, but I managed to do quite a few of them in a single flow, so I’m happy with that 🙂

Music Track you downloaded: Bejo-Duele.

Video part you watched: Simon O’Brien part at Landscapes3. Sick one!

You competed: In Hungary at Sport Zone Veresegyház Contest. Shout out to Rob Alton!

Bike modification you made: Changed my wheels, and I have the new IGI lava pegs. They are sick (sponsored content XD)!

Podcast I listened to: La Vida Moderna (Spanish comedy thing)..

You brought some trainers/kicks to ride in: I don’t get it hehe.

I travelled overseas: Japan does it count? If so, last year for FISE Hiroshima. Otherwise Edmonton 2018 for FISE aswell.

Last time you rode with another person: 13th March.

You did a double decade: I just pulled singles last night while sleeping.

Rode street: Doing a bunnyhop and doing this “ching” with the backwheel peg counts?

Movie you watched: Manhattan.

Rode with a brake: February 2019.

Trick I invented: I’m not sure. Lately I’m learning basics, so maybe my last entry for Master of Creativity: I leave to you the description of the trick XD

You stressed out and threw my bike: Maybe last year. When i get stressed I just scream.

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