Joe Cicman: Stay in your dome

Mr Terradome himself, Joe Cicman has been off grid for a long time. It turns out Joe has been putting in some work behind the scenes to get ready for the 2020 contest scene, and we all know what happened there. Joe just announced he joined up with Martti Kuoppa, and has been working on his mental strength, hit play and enjoy Joe’s amazing riding. Will be good to see Joe on the contest circuit in the future….

6 thoughts on “Joe Cicman: Stay in your dome

  1. I was really curious as to where Mr. 2027 droid of rolling combos , was this past couple months ……….silly me …..he was gearing up a PROPER edit of NEW lines where ya would of guessed he had about 9 GIPETOS , using hidden PUPPET STRINGS to hold up his bike as he butter slipped through his bars , to a NO handed crack packer ……..jumping to his rear pegs , STILL …NO handed… to a bars spinning, double footed back yard roll !!! Also…. his butter slip, via steam to half packer , stepping down , IMMEDIATELY letting go of his bars , whipping / rebating his frame to JAFFA WHIPS …….SLLLAAAAAMMM DOZERED bmx flatland rolling combo sorcery @ its purest / finest . Hell bruv , I STILL processing Cicman , with those friggin NO handed rebates , JAFFA WHIPS , and all his other rolling concepts …….I feel WACK as, .barely ever pulling a HOLDING ON to the bars double rebate…….hahahahahaha , and it was SKETCHY as Fred Flintstone DANCING to WALTZ music in a old episode of the Flintstones ! Hahaha…….I BARELY pulled it , catching ankle death style , SUPER sloppy , haha…….My old riding amigo filmed it , hope he LOST the tape , haha……Joe , his riding / links , and all these PROGRESSIVE concepts remind me of watching a DORKIN IN YORK part 4 , because his rolling techniques , like Kevins @ the time …..are SO foreign and out there ……that its totally GAME CHANGING . I respect ROLLING skills ALL DAY , as theyre all extremely difficult learning ANY of em , and to DIAL em……..THATS a whole other subject ……..This short , straight to the HAMMERS style edit ,of Cicmans hits me HAAARRRD , STOKES me @ the same time ! NOW…..hes getting that GURU coaching from THE BOSS =MARTTI KUOPPA …….adding THAT to the mix……well , lets just say its the equivalent to giving a U.F.C. fighter EVERY fighting variation of Bruce Lee and Jet Li , ALL their KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS …….Joe Cicman WILL take 2020 by the bars , if ya get my meaning ………….AGAIN , loved this NEW edit by JEFE JAFFA WHIPS !!

  2. Just as THIS edit is SLLAAAAMMM DOWN with hammer rolling lines……his new one that just dropped Saturday ……I bet will get that MUST WATCH tag on it ! Watched it twice and Im still bugging out , bruv ……..some of the most straight up crazy rolling lines ever pulled with too much ease……props , Cicman ! So much originality / super hard concepts in his riding …………..if only my CAGA PALO ass could just finally dial a SIMPLE hang five , haha………

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