Old School Sundays: AFA Masters Round 7 / 1988

It’s always good to know the history of our sport/artform that we all love, this weeks OSS is just over 22 minutes long. Its not like most of us don’t have the time to watch this right? Featuring Dennis McCoy who has the standout run, (pulling double backward whiplashes to funky chicken across the Velodrome floor at 3:21 followed by a Dump truck to backwards decade), plus Eddie Fiola, Martin Aparijo, Woody Itson and Chris Lashua. Really enjoyed this, Dennis’ run though!!!

8 thoughts on “Old School Sundays: AFA Masters Round 7 / 1988

      • I thought there was a pic of joe gruttola doing backwards bar ride at the 1986 velodrome contest. He was riding for SE. by 87, he was on Haro. Maybe guys were doing backwards GRIP rides in 87…

  1. Sorry, can someone explain the difference between a grip ride and a bar ride? Besides of that I think Dennis Mc Coy was super good at this time and his tricks were so modern compared to most of the stuff of the other riders. Really impressive!

  2. That was a great video, my best friend and competed there after a long drive from Utah. We were 14 in the amature class. In the qualifier I took 6th, 🙁 Missed qualifying by a tiny margin. I remember being star struck, all of freestyle heros in one place

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