Review: ART Issue 9

Review: Effraim

ART Issue 9 is out now, and as always it seems, brimming with flatland content! And as professional looking as its gets! So let’s get right into what’s inside:

-The first main flatland related article is a four page interview about Gonzalo Bellianti’s trip from Argentina to Europe, where he of course competed at the BMX Worlds for the first time, the interview talks about money struggles for the trip, sponsorship, the countries he visited (Spain Madrid, Amsterdam,Holland, Paris France, and its great to get perspective outside of the norm at the BMX Worlds. “I’ve never been so motivated in my life….I met a lot of riders that I only knew from the internet and videos…” the trip helped Gonzalo get two new sponsors back home, motivate other riders. Great stuff!!

– Gabriel Higa, also from Argentina has 6 page “Photo” article, this is the guy that put together the “Flatlive” DVD, great shots of the locals Emiliano Pucci, Federico Capon, Nicolas Visser, Gonzalo Bellanti, Alejando Santana. Argentina looks happening!

– The Brighton jam gets two pages, with a great repo by Johann Chan. The story focuses on some background as to how the jam came around. Which was documented in my recent interview on FlatWeb TV about the UK scene. Jam organiser Trevor Lacey has a short interview also, along with Mark Cunners, Chris Brown, and Aidwin. Jason Forde and Mark Cunners both get nice photos in this story. Top marks to Johann for the repo, really well written. Can I hire you Johann? 🙂

– The old school Haro show that took place at the BMX Worlds gets 5 pages, with quite possibly one of the best photographs I have ever seen in a BMX magazine! Bold statement I know, Dave Nourie performing a gander roll with the crowd and the Haro team in the shot, I won’t ruin it with an iphone photo. If your into photography, it is worth getting the magazine just for this shot to be honest.

– Luis Elias Benavides interviews some of the major players in the Columbian flatland scene (Jonathan Camargo, Sebastian Palencia, Esteban Plaencia, and Nelson Castro).
The article takes up four pages. One of the most interesting parts for me focusses on the development of flatland in Columbia. Jonathan Camargo states “There were limitations not only with money (sponsorship), but there was also a lack of spots to ride in the past. The police didn’t let us ride in parks or other spots because they used to say flatland was not a sport and we didn’t have permission to ride there: with the passing of time, though some riders from the capital city started to look for recognition and we finally got the permission to use some spots. We took our claims to the media to make it public and we also started to look for sponsors. We designed a sports profile and developed an image for the public and private companies. From there we got many sponsorship contracts to do different shows and projects.”

Great to read stories like this, riders taking control of their situation, and eventually after much blood, sweat and tears, prospering. The rest of the interview discusses international travel (pretty funny story about waiting for Raphael Chiquet and falling asleep in the middle of the L’Opera, great to read about riders I admittedly do not much about.

– Kip Williamson writes about Aggro Rag, which rightly focusses on the history of the Plywood Hoods and all they have contributed. Well written short article.

– MC Catfish gets a six page interview with some nice flatland shots, full page rolled, and a plasticman, the interview isn’t flatland based, so I’ll keep that short and sweet.

– Jim McKay writes about the crown jewel of contests, the 2012 gets a two pages, with some great points of view from a Veteran rider, John Simmons and Joe Cicman, Amateur rider Omari Cato, and MC Scott O’Brien has the final word, as he explains ” The Pro finals format will be looked at again. I like the 3 man battle not 4. The 2013 Voodoo jam looks set for the first week in June.

– Viki Gomez has a “travel” double page spread from The Maldives. Great shot of Viki mid two footed spinning greater one handed on pedal by Danil Kolodin.

Go get yours, ART Mag is dope!