Colorado Flatland Jams – Long Cold Winter Jam at Joe’s Bike Shop

Colorado Flatland Jams: Long Cold Winter Jam at Joe’s Bike Shop from Jake Umberger on Vimeo.

This is awesome! The Colorado scene seem to be having flatland jams every weekend!

“Footage from the Colorado Flatland Jams Long Cold Winter Jam at Joe’s Bike Shop. Once again we had the jam inside the shop. Great time for sure. Not only are all of us progressing like crazy compared to last year, but we are all getting better about riding in confined spaces. lol
Jake Yonts got a flatland bike courtesy of Grandma. Roberts garage now has more room by the factor of one bike. Rory Overdorff wouldn’t mop for us. Slacker. Even Pat Dehne came by to check us out. I was pretty stoked about that!
Had a great turn out! Thank you to Jason Rideout, Albert “Stein” Beran, Robert Reilly, Joel Schallhorn, Jake Yonts, Brian “Yellow” Gavagan, Fred Gates , Matt Lester, Glen Lester, Chris Olivier, and anybody else I may have forgotten for coming out to ride and have fun. Thanks to Joe and the crew at Joe’s Bike Shop for doing the event with us and letting us ride inside their shop! Thanks for buying pizza and just supporting what we do guys! Can’t wait until the next one!”

Riders featured: Robert “Rowboat” Reilly, Jake “The professor” Umberger, Jason “Meat-Socks” Rideout, Joel “Fabio” Schallhorn, “Fearless” Fred Gates, Jordan El-Nasser, Jake Yonts, Brian “Yellow” Gavagan, Albert “Stein” Beran.