Episode 50: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Austin Luberba


We made it, 50 episodes of the Flatmattersonline exclusives! Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards the series that has helped inspire us all, particularly during the lockdown period.
When I started the FM exclusives again with episode 1 dropping on January 23rd, I was out in San Francisco and had the idea to start the series with Pete Brandt. I never thought we would be still doing these exclusives at 50 episodes, but now the exclusives in my opinion have become a staple of the site.

The 50th episode took a few twists and turns with people offering, but work commitments getting in the way. This however, worked out really well, Pete Brandt was the first exclusive and this year celebrated his 50th birthday, and still shows no signs of slowing down at all.

One of the new generation of pros to come out of the US, Austin Luberda from St Louis, Missouri came through with the elusive clip. I found it quite fitting that we start a new chapter with the new generation. Austin comes through with an absolutely hammer line, the gliding junkyard blindside pivot is absolutely amazing and he keeps the pace going throughout. Austin is a real name to look out for, I hope he can make a mark into the international contest scene at some point. Thank you Austin for stepping up. Whose got episode 51? Hopefully dropping Sunday….

Let me finish by saying…These clips have reached all generations of flatlanders, and that is the real beauty of doing these. Seeing all the different styles come through and inspire us all, thank you everyone who has stepped up once again….