Jody Temple – Summer Short 2015

summer short '15 from jody temple on Vimeo.

To celebrate Jody’s 27th anniversary riding bikes, Jody just dropped this short but sweet “Summer Short edit”. After battling a severe back injury for the last year or so, it is great to see some fresh Jody Temple footage. Stoked on the half hiker pivot karl bar flip line at 00:49, and the hang nothing bar flips at 1:17 is so good! Much more than that Jody’s and I guess the Athens crew as well, always look like they are having a blast on their bikes! That’s ultimately what it is all about!

Dane Beardsley – DK Bicycles

Dane Beardsley DK Bicycles from DK Bicycle Company on Vimeo.

So much win about Dane Beardsley’s riding, often overlooked and definitely very underrated on the contest scene. Hit play for a great mix part, Dane can do it all, flat, street, park, dirt, those shove-it hitchhiker jugglers at 2:05 are amazing and that roof manual gapping into a ramp below is insane! Today’s featured edit, don’t miss this one! Pure BMX!