Fusion Jam in Tilburg, Holland!

Fusion jam

Plenty of events popping off all over the world as Summertime is upon us! Sietse Van Berkel organised his annual Fusion jam in Tilburg, Holland, check the small press release Sietse put out (see below)! Videos and more photos soon. Congratulations to G Szajer who won the jam, and all the winners in the fun categories, good times in Tilburg!

“Awesome weekend at Fusion Jam / festival Mundial. Thanks all for coming over! smile emoticon See you next time! Thanks to Tilburg Fietst & @soulcyclebmx for supporting this event!

Progressive rider award: Jorrit van Drumpt.
Hard crash: Erik Hogers (tie with Gilles van de Sompel… get well soon!)
Bike limbo: Gilles van de Sompel
Rolling trick battle: James Alberto
Knock out game: Pim van den Bos
Fork glide race: Ruud

Normal tricks jam:
1. Gergely
2. Barre Neijrynck (BE)
3. Sietse van Berkel
4. Omar Lammers
5. Aborigino Sandino Stuart
6. Jorrit van Drumpt
7. Ron Lichtenberg
8. Kiran Kertodirjo
9. Jos Hady