Joey Bransford – Help a fellow flatlander

Joey Branford – quick flatland session from Zack Gerber on Vimeo.

Sunny Sigh hit me up today with some tragic news, the York PA flatland scene are reaching out for the flatland communities help. Here is what Sunny had to say:

“I don’t know if you know Joey Branford, but he is a long time PA flatland rider (a York Jam staple, does school events with Stephan Cerra, etc). He is facing an utter tragedy right now–both his mother and brother were murdered just a week ago. Some friends are trying to raise money for the funeral costs since that is something that should not even be on his mind at this time.

The flatland community is very small, but it would be amazing if everyone supported a fellow rider like Joey. Currently they are about 50% away from the goal and with enough small donations from a lot of people I sincerely feel the goal can be exceeded.”

Gofundme link: