Old School Sundays 1990 Freestyle Worlds Kenn / Trier

Stoked to come across this upload from the archives today featuring the likes of Mark Atkins, Lee Clark, Mark Teo, Jim Dellavalle, Jay Jones, Scott Santamaria, Craig Lepage and many more! What a trip down memory lane!

BFA Flatland Contest 1989 – Birmingham NEC

BFA Flatland Contest 1989 – Birmingham NEC from Neil Waddington on Vimeo.

Neil Waddington over at Ride On BMX just uploaded some great footage from the archives that ironically myself and Mike O’Connell filmed, great riding in this one from the likes of Sean Clarke, yours truly, Mark Atkins, John Yull, Fergus Heron, Ian Coy, Mike O’Connell, Larry Bull from 6:19 is definitely worth a watch plus many more! Thanks Neil for the upload and a great trip down memory lane.