Old School Sundays 1990 Freestyle Worlds Kenn / Trier

Stoked to come across this upload from the archives today featuring the likes of Mark Atkins, Lee Clark, Mark Teo, Jim Dellavalle, Jay Jones, Scott Santamaria, Craig Lepage and many more! What a trip down memory lane!

7 thoughts on “Old School Sundays 1990 Freestyle Worlds Kenn / Trier

  1. Hello,
    thanks for sharing this nice video …It was my period of riding also 🙂

    I recognize some riders on this video but some i can’t ..
    Perhpas someone can help me …

    Who is the first rider on this video ?
    Great to see david chabert riding ..I love !


  2. Wow! Very cool to see that!
    I do not recognize so many riders, but some names are mentioned by the speaker (for example Maik Dettmer, this is interesting to see!).
    I did not finish watching it but I am just blown away by Alber Retey’s run starting at 14:42. Nose wheelie to opposite whiplash, halfpacker to backpacker to opposite halfpacker, hitchhiker, backside whiplash, barhop whiplashes, deathtruck to dumptruck to backwards decade… This is insane! It was 1990!

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