Top 3: Expert Class AFA Dream Run 2021

There are some bright future talents emerging from the expert class, don’t sleep on these entries. Congratulations to Dwyne Lopena, Iyan Sopian and Diodes Tan your top 3 podium in the expert class. Great job everyone who competed, you can watch all the entries on the AFA YT channel!

One thought on “Top 3: Expert Class AFA Dream Run 2021

  1. Damn……….BMX Flatland is so unpredictable ……seems like every week some rider from ANY part of the globe is just shredding his session spot to SHREDS , TIMES 7……these 3 riders RIP HARD ! SLLAMMMMMED style , flow , just rad lines in general . I watch these Dream Run entries for 2021 from EVERY class and put my hand over my face , smiling. Haha….STOKED to see how RAD all of them are………and HONESTLY , a lil bit envious , but in a GOOD / POSITIVE way …..just WISHING I had some of all these riders skills and SUPERB / EYE CANDY riding style ! Lopena , HOT FREAKING DAMN !! The dude reminds me of Tyler Gilliard , back in 2005 …..when Tyler was PRO level , but too HUMBLE to realize it , haha…..same thing with Yu Katagiri @ Flatland Voodoo Jam 2017 ….he rode in EXPERT doing time machine flips to PEDAL rope spins , haha ! Mad , mad RESPECT to these 3 and EVERY rider , ALL classes in A.F.A.Dream Run and of course YOU , E ! All the judges , Mc graw , Carter , Austin …..EVERYONE for making this thing go off AGAIN for 2021 . Maybe these contests in the future need TIME ERA classes …… that case …..I’ll be riding in the 1998 class , hahaha…………….

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