Must Watch: Austin Luberda / Daydream

Let it be said that I was a fan of Austin Luberda’s riding the first time I met him at Battle in the Rockies around five years ago. There was something about his riding that set him apart from everyone else in the arena, it was instantly recognisable. It’s not something I can ever put my finger on exactly why, it’s one of those situations where you can just recognise it and of course appreciate his talent.

Daydream is Austin’s latest project, and like the title suggests. We all write down our dream moves, but can you get them done? The slick editing and not to mention Austin’s memorising riding that could also put you in a dream state adds to this project a lot. What did I just watch? There was so much going on in this edit, and Austin still despite back wheel becoming more and more trendy, find new ways to make me scream at the laptop. Let’s take a different approach to my normal Must Watch edit description style, this time you tell me what’s great about this edit and why Austin stands out….