Must Watch: Austin Luberda / Daydream

Let it be said that I was a fan of Austin Luberda’s riding the first time I met him at Battle in the Rockies around five years ago. There was something about his riding that set him apart from everyone else in the arena, it was instantly recognisable. It’s not something I can ever put my finger on exactly why, it’s one of those situations where you can just recognise it and of course appreciate his talent.

Daydream is Austin’s latest project, and like the title suggests. We all write down our dream moves, but can you get them done? The slick editing and not to mention Austin’s memorising riding that could also put you in a dream state adds to this project a lot. What did I just watch? There was so much going on in this edit, and Austin still despite back wheel becoming more and more trendy, find new ways to make me scream at the laptop. Let’s take a different approach to my normal Must Watch edit description style, this time you tell me what’s great about this edit and why Austin stands out….

10 thoughts on “Must Watch: Austin Luberda / Daydream

  1. Well..

    Those behind the back x foot dump truck gturns are sick.

    The stubble duckz that were the bangers in his previous edits are lockt.

    Heavy shit made to look easy.

    Definitely his own rider but kind of weird mix between Alt and Joris.

    Made in Belleville. So dope.

  2. @Morgan – nice comment dude. Appreciate taking the time to chime in, the stubble ducks are certainly on lock. Heavy shit made look easy is style in my book…. Austin is doing his thing, and he’s a younger rider thats come through the AFA series, that in itself does she that contests are worth it. I would love to see Austin on the big contest stage, I hope that happens soon as he has so much talent. Be good to see him pushed, and see how he develops from there.

  3. So Rewindable!!
    This is real Flatland! Nice to see it when both Rider and videographer gets (understands) it. Video tells a story. Not hard to tell that Austin influenced by other greats but he himself is not only an originator buy a style cat. Thanks for the inspiration Austin‼️‼️‼️

  4. His style seems comes from the lack of, or absolutely no dead time between tricks while maintaining a consistent rhythm. He appears to conscientiously structure his combos in this way to create a fluid visual appeal to the riding. Minimal repetition of turbines and tricks. Just enough to showcase the control and put some style on the trick, then onto the next. Really nice balance between the time spent in tricks and switches, nearly equal. Lots of thought and time went into all this. Thanks for sharing the end result Austin and E. Everyone ride on!

  5. 3:14 was my favourite combo and trick! Had to research this again. Your flow and G turns are on point – unique for sure! Keep shredding

  6. His riding is just PERFECT ! Its like ya get , at least I do …..get caught in a trance because of his beautiful , ridiculous , style….. EVERY second ,during his links , just oooooooozzzzzzzzzzzing through them , TOTALLY in control of his links ! Then…… youre caught in that trance of spinning , turbines , pivots , switches …………he throwing some SERIOUS crazy TECHNICAL details , stepping up to and spinning , switching on the PEDALS !! I remember Bobby Burge, upon returning home from the 2014 Flatland Voodoo Jam …..I dint go , haha……I asked …WHO was THROWING DOWN on their bikes the MOST …..without a milli -second of hesitation ….Bobby said Viki and this NEW guy……AUSTIN LABERDA !! Hahaha….Bobby was like …..duuuuuuuude, hes RAD , and REALLY stood out ……….after this MUST WATCH edit , and EVERY edit on his YouTube channel , yes , Ive watched them all , hahaha…….Im with Bobby and you , Big-E …….Austin is TRULY set apart , TIMES 7……..I often love watching riders who are WAAAAAAAAYY above my skill level ….AND have a polar OPPOSITE style on their bikes , than mine…….Austin is MOST definitely one of those riders and always will be ! RESPECT , Austin , and GREAT choice for a MUST WATCH tag , E ……..AND ….the FILMER / EDITOR sllllllaaaammmmmed down a GREAT job for this edit !!

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