Episode 7: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Sebastian Grubinger

The Flatmattersonline exclusives are becoming a thing, and Heresy rider Sebastian Grubinger just came through with a belter!

Sebastian’s riding always commands my attention, whether it is a must watch video part or a too good for Instagram clip. His riding is always fresh, and I love that he put in some work into getting this clip done for episode 7, (watch the failed attempts, the fact he shows the falls is awesome!)…
We went back and forth discussing the bar flip ride-out, as I was trying the bar backwards hang 5 to bar flip out. I got injured whilst Sebastian was trying to get this clip done, and as you can see he makes it look easy and not only that adds in an awesome ride-in that flows so well with rideout, and middle part of the line before getting to the rideout is so technical. The whole line together like that is ridiculous, and something we have come to expect from one of the best video riders in the game!

Thanks Sebastian for contributing towards the series, episode 7 is in the bag.

The response since I announced the Flatmattersonline exclusive clip will be a year award has been amazing, and already a few heads are working heavy clips for future episodes.
Who’s got next weeks clip? Episode 8 is on the horizon, same time next week….

6 thoughts on “Episode 7: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Sebastian Grubinger

  1. Yeeeeha, I really love all the episodes of FM exclusives Effraim. So great and impressive content!
    Specially love this one with Sebastian as I witnessed the progress and success of this really hard combo!!!! Coach Sebastian rules also really like your intro!
    Keep on rocking everyone out there
    XoX priMa

  2. Very beautiful! It is the ride in that Chase did on Function Victim, right? It fits very well into this whole combo. Props!

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