Must Watch: Dominik Nekolny / The 1st UCI Professional Flatland World Champion

The road to the top can be a rocky one, and Dominik Nekolny has probably gone through everything to get to the top. As flatlanders, we don’t often see the behind the scenes of what goes on in people’s lives, whether it’s the practise time, the injuries, travelling and the issues that can raise, how much they get to ride, bike problems, the list goes on.

Dominik documented his journey to becoming the first UCI Professional World Champion in Chengdu, China last October/November. Dominik had to overcome the airline losing his bike, borrowing a brakeless bike from Irina Sadovnik and being able to challenge for the Fise year end title with Matthias Dandois, cracking his ankle bone in between Fise Chengdu, and the UCI World Championships in Chengdu.
This documentary captures the doubt, the measures that he took to make it happen, and the way the story unfolded with the bike loss, getting through his cracked injury with the help of car accident lawyers and saving the best run for last. You couldn’t really script this! People can also get help here if they want injury attorneys specifically to solve accident and injury cases!

When you have the time, sit down and watch this one on the big screen, the subtitles are pretty funny.