Must Watch: Rob Ridge / Strong Arm Tactics

In life, I always hear people say “be yourself”, “dare to be different”. Rob Ridge was ridiculed for years by the BMX fashion police, and now he’s become I would say a BMX cultural icon. He’s loved across the board. It is interesting how things like this develop over time.

I have known Rob for years, and I am sure I must say the same thing this with every post. You can see his flatland skills shine bright throughout his latest masterpiece. No one cares about about his bike set up, the use of the locking lever, and so on. It’s all about what Rob is doing on the bike, there are so many NBD’s in this I will just leave this one for the comments section. What’s your favourite move?

I will say this though, Rob is probably the most technical lip trick rider on the planet right now! And this comes from his highly skilled flatland background….