Jean William Prevost wins Toronto FU9 2013!!

Photos: Mark Kuhlmann.

The prize giving ceremony has just gone down at the CFO FU 9 in Toronto, Canada, and the level of riding was crazy! Congratulations to Jean William Prevost!!, Sam Foakes and Terry Adams top 3 in Pro! Ron Monis for the AM win, Steve Bergeron for the Veterans win, and Eric Favot for the Novice win. Results below.

Thanks to the wonders of technology I got to see Sam Foakes drop a one touch second run with some of his craziest combos back to back and Dominik Nekolny hit a massive last combo which started with a whiplash to halfhiker jump to halfpacker no hands on the bar a’la Justin Miller! Terry Adams, Dub, JFB, Percy Marshall, James White all killed it too. (yet to see their runs) With all the facetime updates, I feel like I am there, the wonders of technology. Massive Shoutout to Mark Kuhlmann for all the live updates!! Really looking forward to seeing all the full runs!


1-Jean William Prevost
2-Sam Foakes
3-Terry Adams
4-Dominik Nekolny
5-Jean-Francois Boulianne
6-Percy Marshall
7-James White
8-James McGraw


1-Ron Monis
2-Todd Carter
3-Bryan Huffman
4-Steve Jordan
5-Adam Pergentile
6-Trevor Olenik
7-Digger Brown
8-Marty Clark

1-Steve Bergeron
2-Tony Strickler
3-Brian Cavagan (spelling might be wrong)


1- Eric Favot
2- Rebecca Pergentile
3- Paula Trix