Shonan Bicycle Festival 2013 – Open Class Final Round

Great riding and good times from the Shonan Bicycle Festival 2013 Open Class Final Round, enjoy this raw footage edit featuring some amazing riding from Tsutomu Kitayama 14:00, Moto Sasaki 16:04, and Shuichi Osada’s last combo at 19:53 is the shit!! Love Japan!!!

Must Watch! Last Tricks! – Shonan Bicycle Festival BMX Flatland Contest

The Shonan Bicycle Festival always delivers amazing riding. And this year was no different, after the contest the top 10 riders in the Open Class were given an additional 30 seconds to give it one last shot and this is the raw footage of their 30 second run. Incredible riding from everyone, standouts for me were Jimalog’s in front of bar whip pendulum combo (1:03), Tsutomu’s riding full stop, wow, amazing combos!! And Moto Sasaki delivers some new lil touches, this is a def Must Watch!