Waldemar Fatkin & Camilo Gutierrez off Autum!

Whoa! Pretty BIG news that I was not expecting to hear today! Waldemar Fatkin & Camilo Gutierrez just announced on social media they are no longer riding for Autum. You can read the official press release below, it sounds like they will do a project together. One thing is for sure, I think you will find out pretty soon what the future holds for these two shredders! Stay tuned!


Ladies and Gentlemen’s

We are Waldemar Fatkin and Camilo Gutierrez, professional bmx riders from Koblenz, Germany and Lima, Peru respectively. We have been ridden for the project deepbmx/autum bicycles from Berlin, Germany more than 6 years.

Unfortunately since our last trip to Japan, we have decided to leave the project together for many reasons. Waldemar was the first BMX team Rider and Camilo the first international rider at the deepBMX crew. We’ve invested a lot of energy, LOVE and time in the sport to improve the project. Since the beginning of it, we have been promoting the brand and the project in its own internal changes, from deepBMX to Autum Bicycles.

Now we are heading forward for new projects together. With the respect that we have to each other like Athletes and friends. Please feel free to contact us for bmx performance, sponsoring or any other projects.

We wish Autum team riders good luck for the future.

See you in the next chapter!


Waldemar Fatkin

Camilo Gutierrez