Terry Adams: Instagram clips part 2

If you paying attention to what’s going on in flatland right now, you will know that Terry Adams has gone up a few gears and is having the best year he’s had in terms of progression in years. Everyday there is something new on his instagram. Terry freshly learnt Xft hiker turbines recently and is already doing a whole bunch of cutting edge switches out of them. Go watch this one right now!

5 thoughts on “Terry Adams: Instagram clips part 2

  1. Yeah son!Better than ever and learning so deep hard moves with brake… So proud for Terry. This is a must watch….on repeat….

    • Yes if you aren’t on instagram I can see that Giannis…. I’ve literally just watched these lines a couple of days ago, so I’ve seen it all and remember it really well I guess thats the point. Terry’s on fire, and having his best year in along time. A Must watch edit is different thing for me, that pulls me in and gets me watching it over and over. This is great nevertheless…

  2. I hear you BigE but I keep on watching it over and over again… Haha! We’re gonna see great tricks from Terry in the near future… The dude is on a mission……

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