3 thoughts on “Terry Adams is the 2020 Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year

  1. Damn CORRECT , Giannis ! I called this , told Terry on the phone that he was gonna get that cup for 2020 , MONTHS prior to him receiving it , haha. If ya have an Instagram account and was checking Terrys NEW lines…….on the DAILY ……it was painfully obvious that he had the N.O.R.A. Award laced up , and in the bag for 2020 . He was HUNGRY on his bike to progress and create all friggin year ……..just like YOU , Giannis ! Salud to Terry for SLLAAAAMMMMING DOWN a huge amount of innovation to the sport this year …….AND his out of the atmosphere link , that he hammered down for the FINAL round of the E-Fise / Honor event . Bruv , its one of THE most ridiculous lines that I have seen, since Owen Bohm , his FINAL round line for that I.G.I. Peguary contest , couple months back !

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