Episode 55: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with James White

The godfather of UK flatland, James White comes through with Episode 55 after a slight interlude after Bruno Zebu’s amazing 54th edition!
James delivers a brand new move, he calls the “slide aid”. I used to do sliders a long time ago, in my teens and never dreamt of linking a slider with a boomerang. Whiteski being the true freestyler he is, delivers the goods and surprises us all the process.
Like Nice and Smooth once rapped, “this is how we take the old to the new”….

Thanks James for contributing, whose got episode 56?

5 thoughts on “Episode 55: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with James White

  1. This is a really cool trick! Very refreshing compared to the “normal” stuff we see today (which is also good of course). And it is remarkable that it is a trick on both wheels!

  2. I have to say – once I read “James White” and “new clip” – I stop what I’m doing and watch. James never disappoints. This is dope. Well done James and thanks for these Effraim!

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