Must Watch: Sietse van Berkel – Master of Creativity videos 2016 – 2020

It’s been Kinda quiet the last two months or so for regular edits with all the online contests going. Today I had a treat sitting in my inbox from Sietse Van Berkel. Three years worth of Master of Creativity clips and progression, he sat out 2019 and helped judge the event. Watch all these clips back to back is so impressive, and his banger that won the MOC crown in 2018 at 3:34 is still so amazing as are all the clips. Creative flatland at it’s finest right here, good job Sietse!

5 thoughts on “Must Watch: Sietse van Berkel – Master of Creativity videos 2016 – 2020

  1. Amazing to witness the evolution of the concept, and the infinite possibilities Sietse keep on digging. Insane positions when you think about it ! I love the way Moto, Lee Musselwhite and Sieste see the bike and the positions it offers, thanks to this triumvirat of doors openers !

  2. @ 4.49 MINUTES ! I heard it , barely could see it ………but I KNEW from the sound of his tight chain that he had done it . This move take me back to Dylan Worsley . How he to crank flipped to get that OTHER pedal in place for his switch junk yard / pedal combo in Baco Vision part 6 ! Sieste spinning his side packer on the pedal , stepping over for a MICRO second and setting his OTHER pedal , stepping to a switch hand spinning steam !! Talk about hitting rewind , like 14 TIMES , to BARELY catch it, haha. Loving this edit . So much progression , just taking spinning side packer to the moon……..pedal , frame , and steam stance positions ! Hes taken this absolutely MENTAL move above and beyond …….like where Chase Gouin took whiplashes and decades years prior ! Sieste is CRAZY skilled and brings SO much evolution to the game . Im STILL bugging on his NO handed variation that rightfully earned him that M.O.C. campeon title . Yup……one helluva MUST WATCH , TIMES 7……………lucky you , Effraim to always receive edits like this in your inbox , to where my ass has to comb the net for hours on end , looking for edits of this type , haha……..

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