Terry Adams: Mega Combo

The MK Format team are working really hard behind the scenes, no contests is not stopping the contest preparation. Yesterday, starting the week with a huge line with Varo Hernandez.
Today, it is the turn of Terry Adams throwing down an amazing front wheel line at his home riding spot. Incredible!

4 thoughts on “Terry Adams: Mega Combo

  1. Terry is SLLLAAAAAAAMMMING DOWN …..HAMMERS , left , right and center !! His crack packer – leap / flip to x-leg hiker , hang ten full bar to side packer , AND the switch hand steam -brakeless flip to cracker packer …….he REPEATS these , in this line , as if they were just easy transitions and theyre FAR from that …. Beautiful combo that’s as AGGRO as it is technical. I know it had to be CRAZY difficult to nail this mega link in his small garage ! Terry is beyond ready to do some serious damage in contests …..if and when they do start up later this year …..hopefully …..with so many riders training under Martti Kuoppa , his M.K. Format…..it gonna be one helluva show @ the first contest of the season . Look how crazy the online battles got in the Whats App online battles a couple weeks ago , haha…Im REALLY stoked on your riding , Terry Berry ! Your level these days is just mental . So much grit , drive , and raw determination . Youre as hungry now……..as you were when you first got co sponsored for riding for Andrew Arroyo , his Drews BMX shop / company , back in your 2-Hip bike company stint . Ya just KNOW if TIME WARP= Eugene Collins , drops a comment on this site……..THAT says a lot ! KEEP ruling Terry , SUPERB riding , bruv…….

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