Varo Hernandez: Huge combo

It’s been a long time since a big flatland contest, and of course a lot of riders are training hard behind the scenes. Varo Hernandez from Madrid, Spain looks to have been putting a ton of work under the MK Format regime, this line is epic and he continues it after. Look out for Varo, when the contest season starts up again.

5 thoughts on “Varo Hernandez: Huge combo

  1. Cats just keep unleashing these ridiculous , dream level links every week , Im loving it ! DAAAAMMMN………Varo with his inside rolling time machine , switching to the other foot on the pedal , as he turbines ! The hang ten pivot to x-leg crack packer , butter slipping out to that wild spinning , kickless cross elephant glide variation , bar flipped to half packer ! Those half cabs to rear peg nose manuals ! The upside down pedaling mega spin ! The ice cream bike flip to time machine to START the front end of this huge combo , even the Mc circle / whopper exit …….AND the last rear peg nose manual / foot jam whip out…….This is one HAMMERED combo that Ive been watching over and over . Props , Varo ! It was cool meeting and having a session with you @ the pre-jam @ the 2015 Flatland Voodoo Jam . I wish I still had that phone from back then , being that I filmed you busting out your signature leap over the frame exit from that kickless cross elephant glide spin move , that you had just learned ! You still nailed it after only 5 tries with a sprained wrist ! My dumb Caga Palo ass wrecked that phone by accident dropping it and getting it wet too much , haha……anyway…..GREAT combo and congrats on the M.K. Format working to your obvious advantage , bruv !

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