Episode 34: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Rich Slezak


It’s that time of the week, two exclusives a week. And we show no signs of slowing down at all, Rich Slezak stepped for episode 34 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives.
Rich is originally from the Czech Republic, and made the move over to the east coast of the US from an early age. Rich grew up in the New England flatland scene, nowadays Rich lives in LA.

It has been great the last few years to see Rich riding at the One Love Jam, and put a picture to the face I used to see in text from the Radazine, eWire zines that Kieran Chapman used to make.
Riding wise, Mr Slezak flows a nice back wheel line at the Renondo Beach riding spot he probably looked at in Freestylin’ as a kid, funny how things work out.
Thanks Rich for contributing, who’s got episode 35?

2 thoughts on “Episode 34: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Rich Slezak

  1. Im digging his cross/ inside rocket to start this really cool combo ……. step / switching to another cross rocket rolling backwards , then the turbine to pumping rocket , ending to a gerator stubble duck, makes this one SLLLLLAAAAAMMMED exclusive ! Snappy , tech , and stylish……YEEEEAAAAH , Rich ! It was dope meeting and riding with ya @ the 2012 post jam for the Texas Toast contest @ the O.G. Oltorf garage session spot . Youve been STEADILY progressing your riding on BOTH wheels since then ! Props , man…………..

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