Terry Adams wins Battle in the Rockies + Full Results

The Battle in The Rockies went down this past weekend in Colorado, peep the full results right here. Congratulations to all the winners, great to see an event stateside once again!

1. Corbin Moody
2. Reid Arendall
3. Coda McGraw
4. Simon Farmer
5. Noah McGraw

Old’s Cool
1. Matt Clark
2. Kendra Nalls
3. Dan Hull
4. Tod McMahan
5. Lance Lyons
6. Russell Gish
7. Troy McMurray

1. Troy Hebert
2. Sean Porter
3. Robert Reilly
4. Dustin Blair
5. Steve Lapsley

1. Chris Young
2. Ed Jodie
3. Dave Nourie
4. Todd Carter
5. Bryan Huffman
6. Andrew Wickham

1 Terry Adams
2 Matt Wilhelm
3 Joris Bretagnolles
4 James McGraw
5 JF Bouilliane
6 Omari Cato
7 Mickey Gaidos
8 Dax Wolford
9 Art Thomason
10 Bo Wade
11 Bryan Huffman
12 Brian Gavagan
13 Fransisco Javier L DC

5 thoughts on “Terry Adams wins Battle in the Rockies + Full Results

  1. I really like that they had a master class and not just the Old’s Cool class since the levels can be so varied in the old school class.

  2. My alcoholism was on full embarrassing display that day…I’m mostly shocked I didn’t catch a DUI. Cest la vie.

    If flatland is some kind of dysfunctional family…I’m your drunk cousin that hates himself and everything.

    This is as close to an apology I’ll get.


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