Joris Bretagnolles: Battle in the Rockies Qualifying Run

One of the best feelings in flatland, is when you work so hard for a contest and it comes together for you. IGI rider, Joris Bretagnolles threw down the run of his life in the BITR Pro Qualifying this past week. Feel the energy and stoke in this one, amazing!

4 thoughts on “Joris Bretagnolles: Battle in the Rockies Qualifying Run

  1. That was beautiful! What a sweet moment to live in. He looks like he enjoying every millisecond of it, and he should. What a solid run.

  2. I’ve watched this several times . This is a contest run for the history books of Flatland ( in my opinion ! ) It’s so damn SLLLAMMMMED that he’s ripping / pulling his lines back to back , and riding comfortably …… if he were riding @ his home session spot ! One of the biggest live contests of the year …….and Joris just NAILED THIS RUN SHUT ….thank you , Jim for being there to capture this epic , dialed , intense , beautiful contest run .

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