3 thoughts on “Omari Cato vs Terry Adams: Battle in the Rockies

  1. Hell YEEEESSSS, Effraim ! Loving the content you chose . Digging this battle , TIMES 7 …..Omari ! Damn he’s progressed HEAPS over the years . He was ALREADY arrived when I first met him, summer of 2013 . His riding style , flow , and choice of stubble duck , ice cream and pivot variations really astound me these days . ( that ender ! ) Top contender ! Terry , sh-t he was on the come up to being a top dog the day I met him in March of 1999 , haha……it’s really a head trip thinking back to how both of them were READY for the pro ranks , having been so skilled early on in their BMX Flatland careers. …….NOW look ! Both of them being elite riders ,engaging in battle @ B.I.T.R. 2021 ! This rules , respect to em both , I love battles like this , it’s motivating ………..

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