Must Watch: Brandon Derbowka / The Mad Scientist

Brandon Derbowka is infamous for dropping some of the hardest tricks ever done, most famously the multiple no handed whiplashes will without a doubt go down in the history books and be talked about for years to come i’m sure. Joey Kylio got together with Brandon during the summer to put together this amazing insight his thought process, and how he progresses on certain moves. You don’t want to miss this one!

27 thoughts on “Must Watch: Brandon Derbowka / The Mad Scientist

  1. My body was already numb just only by reading the title….i was almost afraid to press that play button.Amazing edit….huge inspiration personally for me…BRAVO BRANDON! Now back to rewind…

  2. Another rad choice . Thank you , Big E ! This cat has some of the most gnar , straight up CORE , most difficult lines / tricks out there . So cool seeing just how he goes about these unique learning methods . The riding in this of course dope and my main reason for hitting play instantly ! I still watch his last edit and actually looked up the Bowie tune and jam it sometimes cause I associate it with his riding , haha. You’re SLLLAMMMMMING it with these episodes , Joey ! Please keep them flowing , bruv . I’ve only done a double whiplash like 5 times in my life ,…….and I was feathering like crazy , stepping over after the first one , haha……NO handed MULTIPLES …..couldn’t even imagine doing those even using a harness ! Brandon literally has made dream tricks a reality . Over and over……..and over again ……..mad respect !

  3. Best video I’ve seen in ages!!! So excited to see this come out. A great showcase of Brandon and put together so well by Joey Kyllo.

  4. Brandon is easily one of the best and most creative riders I’ve known. Every time I get to ride with him, he always has some crazy new trick and has found some sneaky way to make it easier. I think this video is a perfect description of his approach to riding. Respect to Joey for doing such a great job of this.

  5. That was a great watch. Much like the foam pits and resi-ramps at Woodward for park/vert riding, I think that harness is a very smart application of technology to aid trick progression. Also, I cannot wait to see someone pull that mad bike-varial hitchhiker for real. Regardless of how anyone learns it, props to anyone who is able to pull it!

    • 2nd that! Well said. Very accurate comparison. Bottom line is pulling the trick/combo. Like math, doesn’t matter how you get to the correct answer, all that matters is that you got the the correct answer. Flat matters.

      • Almost forgot about that , R ! He pulls it to a zambony stall ……STILL counts in my opinion . He gets my respect , TIMES 7 for that move……I remember back @ a 2004 K.O.G. , ,Martti going for a 3 HOP / KICK -FLIP @ THE SAME TIME -hitchhiker to end a run ! It’s still on You Tube , I believe . Thank you for that reminder , R . Impulsivity is still a very , very significant monument in the history of Flatland’s most difficult and technical links , tricks and variations ……it literally took watching it for YEARS for me to really grasp and take all of it in , haha. 99.99999% of those lines that Martti and Viki did haven’t really been touched to this day……anyway…..I again salute Brandon’s riding , dedication and creativity . This edit is so rad !

    • I used to do something like the harness decades ago, for a couple sessions…except i just flipped over a swing till the chain was high enough put my stomach /chest on swing seat and bike over the ground .(incase anyone wants to try without having to make all that)

  6. Thanks everyone for all the comments on the edit or here and the social media platforms. I really appreciate all the feedback. In doing this edit, I wanted to show riders and ideas that are outside the mainstream narrative. I am happy this has started a healthy debate on learning tactics (cheat codes).

    Quick note, Martti did the 360 hiker bike flip and stalled it out which is insane. No one has rode it out forward that I am aware. Get out those harnesses and start practicing! 😉

  7. This is such an amazing video that shows the real Brandon.
    I’m afraid I have to tell how he showed up to a contest back in the early 2000’s wearing a conehead motorcycle helmet for his run and the proceeded doing blenders killing everyone left right and center. But even the first time I ever saw him, I knew he was crazy as cheese on the bike and off. You can see it in his riding he does only the sickest tricks imaginable. His straight to the point no bull chit style is not only refreshing as puck, but straight up gangster!

  8. @ 4.41 !! He FULL flipped that hitchhiker like he was doing a pull up bar ! I can totally see him doing this in the near future …….I just KNEW he was a crazy skilled rider after first seeing his garage edit where he’s wearing a suit , just wrecking hardcore lines , with this , I think there’s clarinet music playing ? Anyway , I had to watch this again . Hell , bruv ……just for the first combo alone that he pulls !!

    • That first combo he pulled first try after going for something else. I had no idea what he was doing so the filming kinda sucks!

      • First try on a combo of that level ?! WOW ! Such a hammer of a line . Even crazier to guess the line he was going for . The filming was good , Joey ! You really pulled off another super dope episode ! Your homie Percy , next episode ? Sure hope so . Had a blast riding with you both @ the last 2019 Flatland Voodoo Jam …..those 3 days RULED !

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