One thought on “TGM Jam: June 2023

  1. Watched this multiple times . Loved this . Johan’s Lung spin variation line . I can watch him do those all day . T.G.M. Maz , elbow glide rebate to switch elbow glide . Loved that ! Especially myself ….wanting elbow glides since 1987 . I could never do them then and sure as hell I can’t do them now , ha. The rider @ 2.13 minutes ? I’m digging his cross fire haul roll , pivot / twitch to steam to double foot steam spin , drilling into the pavement . Too much style / steez . Amos with that O.G. flava, Yinka going off ……all riders represented and ruled ! Sick edit…… Viva TG.M. ! Thank you , Effraim for posting this .

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