7 thoughts on “Rodney Williams: Long Links

  1. Thank you , Big-E for posting these . I was stoked for mi amigo to send them to you as I worked really to get these two combos done . Funny / wild thing is that one combo was actually 2 hours and 15 minutes long and the other one was 2 hours and 7 minutes long. My camera died both times , hahaha….so this is what it captured . You can tell because I’m still going at the very end of both combos. It feels like zen or something when you link this long . Total dream state / enlightenment . That’s why I do it . The feeling / experience . Ride for yourself ,not others . Do what YOU want to do on your bike and try and do something that NO ONE else is doing or will even attempt or come close to…….ever.. That’s what BMX Flatland FREESTYLE is to me. Thank you , again , Effraim , FLATMATTERS !

    • Thank you for the props , Reggie ! You’re always very supportive and I really appreciate it , man . Like I’ve stated many times before ……Jason Brown , r.i.p. , Effraim , Andrew Arroyo ,etc….were heavy influences on me….. being that they were all long link O.G.s back in 1995-1998 . Look forward to seeing some riding on here from you , Reggie . Thanks again , bruv !

      • All OG riders for sure. In my book, it is time to include your name with the ones mentioned. Wouldn’t type it if I didn’t mean it. Ride on OG!

  2. Only you can out ride a camera battery in one link, recharge it and then do it again. That’s beast level focus and endurance bro! Ultra stoked on your accomplishments. This is a big deal, like world record stuff.

    • Thank you , BZ .I appreciate the props always , amigo ! Yeah ,I had to go for it again and again and again……..and again. ( my camera just kept dying , haha. ) I have so many video files of combos that were caught short because my camera would die and I would STILL be linking long after ,haha. As far as focus / endurance . I’d honestly have to say that would be help from Jesus . I’m really stoked on your words , BZ . I’d love to get a world record with Guinness . ( Actually submitted a video in 2014 , but got turned down . ) Recently seeing Courage Adams , Matti Hemmings get one . I’d love to take a go @ it again . That I’m aware of these are the longest combos in Flatland BMX history . Multiple riders have kept telling me this AND have been telling me to go for a Guinness World Record since 2002 . . Look forward to more riding from you , BZ and more episodes of your BMX Breakfast Show . Keep ruling your turbine, pivot , X-foot , no handed , rolling , ripping riding style , BZ !

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