Thomas Noyer & Jean William Prevost – Albigeoisie

Such a good day for edits, this new Albigeoisie edit with Thomas Noyer and Jean William Prevost aka Dub really struck a chord with me. Two friends at the top of their game from opposite sides of the globe, document their session filmed in one and half hours in Thomas’ hometown, Albi in the Midi-Pyréné region of France. This edit for me is what flatland is all about, I’ll leave this trick listings out of this, you need to watch the whole edit! I took a lot from this, and maybe you will too!

15 thoughts on “Thomas Noyer & Jean William Prevost – Albigeoisie

  1. What I wanted to add yesterday, if you wanted to show someone flatland, what it is, what it can be. I’d be more than happy to show this video, I’m giving this video and Mateus’ a lil’ more time on top of the site so my regular daily updates will be posted later on today!

  2. Hello E.
    Thank you for posting and supporting our riding and flatland as a whole. You are the mortar in the bricks sir.
    Had an awesome time listening to James crazy P stories with you , Jay and your girlfriend.

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