Throwback Thursday – Props 2 Shimerville Contest 1994

For this weeks Throwback Thursday, we go back to Props 2 and especially Shimersville Contest in Pennsylvania with a ton of great riding from the likes of Jesse Puente, Edgar Plascencia, Richard Zadzdyr (RIP), Paul Palmer (RIP), Leif Valin, Sean Peters, Val Naso, Bobby Fisher, plus a Brian Vowell Interview to follow.

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Props 2 Shimerville Contest 1994

  1. I remember seeing a pic of Jesse’s one handed foot on the bar circle K in BMX Plus and flipping out. Huge loss for flatland when Richard Z passed, followed by Palmer years later. RIP. Oh yeah, and like obscure mentioned, Miron in 3rd for pro flat at that comp was both weird and awesome… lol.

  2. AGREED OBSCURE ! Jay RIPPED at FLAT ,just check out his section in the JINX video , VELVET TAXI , SMOOTHEST RIGHT CROSS / SINGLE-BLIND kick FIRE PINKS , mid line !!! R.I.P to Richard / Paul , these guys were WAAAAAAYY AHEAD of the game , RIDING wise , GRAVEYARD bmx products were WAAAAAAAAAAAAY AHEAD of the bmx PARTS game also , I’m STILL running O.G. bars TO THIS DAY !!!!!

  3. AGREED ULTRAMAN ZOFFY !!! Seeing that pic of Jesse , THEN seeing the video STOKED me out , him SPINNING that Karl-foot on crossbar-ONE HANDED !!! Dude , his section in ELL BELLS Dope Ammo 665 and a half , not quite evil bmx video from 1991-92 STILL RIPS today , ELLS caught him in his ZONE during RAW footage in I think , PRACTICE before the finals !! WILD whiplash-FLOATING -freak squeak whip lines , TURBINE LEFT cross -INSIDE junkyard ROLLING lines, etc , etc !!! I WISH Jesse would COMBINE ALL his OLD/ NEW stuff TODAY !!! CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT that style would LOOK/ FLOW like ??????!!!!!!!!

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