Throwback Thursdays: Effraim Catlow / Ride UK Rear Wheel Drive Videopart

It’s not too often I showcase my own riding on Flatmattersonline, so today we have a special treat from the archives for this weeks Throwback.
We go back to the Ride UK “Rear Wheel Drive” video put together by Steve Bartholomew who you recall ran the Clicked Video Magazine.
As my memory recalls we started filming this part in the summer of 2001, and the video came out in spring of 2002.
This video showcases my flatland riding, but also some ramp and concrete clips from Southsea Skatepark. From no handed tailwhip nosepicks, to g-turn cowboy flip variations, to the ender which I am still proud of to this day.

Thanks to Steve for sending this over, stoked to tach this again after so many years.

20 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays: Effraim Catlow / Ride UK Rear Wheel Drive Videopart

  1. That was awesome Big E! Your level on that Era was incredible! One of your best video parts for sure and the ender still holds up…. Thanks for that, made my day!

  2. Like White’s 50 Shades edit……this is a MUST WATCH in my opinion because 1. these combos are original . 2. these combos hit hard……..and they’re from 2000-2001 , W.T.H. ?! 3. They’re HAAARD ,difficult combos on BOTH wheels …I actually have ALOT to say about this , gotta REALLY take each line in . THIS rules , Big-E ! I actually saw ya doing alot of this in person @ the Grand Prarie X-Trials in 2001 , in Dallas Texas . you rode non stop in practice before the contest , rarely even taking a breather , hahaha………then later on ……I ran into you @ the hotel by the contest, after Prelims ……I mumbled hello , fumbling my words big time , haha. Running into you , Jumelin , Petitte and Cerra ……all @ the SAME TIME on the second floor , had me star struck , haha……..I gonna love watching this SEVERAL times over ……twice ISN’T enough ……….

    • Rodney bro, one of the coolest things I’ve learned about our artform/sport is that we’re so small and OG, that the best of the best are still just regular dudes n chicks that can be interacted with on a base level. Please don’t ever be star struck in the world of flatland ever again. Just as you speak with various riders over the phone, I casually chat with Canadian OGs here as well. I feel one of the greatest things about flatland is how approachable we all are as human beings, and the celebrity aspect seems to be removed as there’s not a shit load of corporate skrilla behind it…just yet

      • BZ , you’re absolutely right , campeon , haha…..I’m just like that with riders . Hell even today I had a session with Jean Francois Boulanne , and Steve Beurgeron @ Bobby Burge’s BMX Haven . They’re both going through a U.S. Flatland scene tour and when I got there to session my first combo was botched cause I was nervous as hell being , AGAIN… struck , haha…..I relaxed, pulled my combos after that , but that first one I was N E R V O U S ! That’s just me though ! I was the same way meeting , riding with Art Thomason , Will Redd , Ruben Castillo , Gabe Weed , Adam Guild , Bobby Fischer , etc ,etc…..I wish I wasn’t such a spaz like that …..buuut that’s me , BZ , hahaha ! However just like you stated Flatlanders , BMXers in general are SUPER real , approachable , and friendly from meeting and riding with Chase Gouin to Kevin Gutierrez . All of us NOT being arrogant , nose in the air is exactly what’s so SLLLAAAAMMED , cool about the sport and it’s athletes , TIMES 7 . Guess I’ll try and chill out a lil bit , BZ ! Hope IF the skrilla , cake , scratch, and currency DOES appear again like it did in the 80s ……THAT will not change anything !

    • Thank you Rodney!
      I was super stoked a few days ago when Steve Bartholomew sent this through, there’s a few things I forgot about from this part like all the lard yard bar spin stuff and I really wanted to see the pressure flip to x foot hitch as that plagues to this day.
      Dallas, Texas was a fun time, and my first encounter with a rattle snake hahaha. Like BZ said, we are all humans and one day I would love to catch up with you Rodney and chat all things flatland as I’m sure many of the people reading this would too.
      I always appreciate your support for not only my own riding but on the site. It’s golden!!

      • You’re welcome , Big-E ! This video section I had not seen ,and was AMMMMPED to watch it . Ditto , that pressure flip to X-leg hiker was MINT . That line would hold up , whoop ass in U.F.L. , today . As well as the bar spin lard stuff , PEDAL cowboy bar flip- varial / pink stuff as ALL the combos , E ……rattle snake ?! At the hotel ?? That’s wild ! You’re preaching to the choir , Effraim ! I highly anticipate finally meeting , riding bikes and chatting about Flatland IN DEPTH for HOURS , haha . I’ve BEEN stoked on your riding since 1994 and STILL am today with your signature sling shot to Cobain roll / bar flip -leap exit line that you posted a couple days ago ! Always down to support THIS site as it’s the holy grail of knowledge , communication and UNITY for the GLOBAL BMX Flatland scene , TIMES 7 …… is one of the MOST rad things to happen to the sport / artform . Golden and then some !!

  3. And that’s why we can undoubtedly, and respectfully on a global scale appoint Big E as the official curator of flat history, a fise/olympic or any comp judge, and just an all round OG in the BMX game. That color green paint job on the Quamen frame also scores some points. You damn well better be proud of that video part brother, it’s what millions if not realistically billions will never get to feel or even understand. That real real flat satisfaction we all fiend for. Thanks for sharing, its your site, I don’t think you should ever hold back on posting up your riding. You provide continuous ill content for us all ((world wide)), and I’m sure there’s a ton of shredding under your belt that many of us would appreciate on many levels. Cheers to your next Yorkshire tea, I know I’m sippin em now cause that’s the official unofficial tea of FM and flatland as a whole. Ride on Effraim, enjoy that English spring air! Thanks again for holding it down.

    • Likewise BZ, much like Rodney. I appreciate you always reaching out and taking the time to share your thoughts here on the site. Thank you so much for the kind words, really motivating for sure and I am proud of this part. It’s definitely one of my better parts, I still wish the Ronin part would have come out as I never did any of those tricks again.
      Let’s keep inspiring each other, to document share and progress BZ!

      See you on Sunday!!! 🙂

      • Also……..HAPPY BELATED birthday , Big-E !! Hope ya had a SLLLAAAAMMED day celebrating MANY moons of progressing , innovating on your BIKE and on THIS site . Loving the signature sling shot , linked to your switch hand Cobain roll , bar flip , leap to hybrid / revert exit thing you do ! What do you even call that move ??! I call it tech , snappy and overall ……DOPE , TIMES 7………

  4. This video part is so damn rad ! A variety of concepts , techniques ……all linked with precision and most importantly……ORIGINALITY . Hard sh-t for days , too. I really can’t believe all this was SLLLAMMMMMED DOWN in 2001 ! So much depth , you can’t even guess what’s coming next with every combo , WITHIN each combo ……time for a RE-up …………

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