Episode 65: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Todd Carter


What’s everybody, with a spring in all our steps. It’s time to get back to two exclusives a week, flatland lifer, Todd Carter stepped up for episode 65 to deliver a super smooth switch foot ankledeath type ride in to guillotine into spinning lard yard, finishing the line with a two footed backyard pivot out at his home riding spot.
As Todd warms up for the AFA Dream run contest shortly coming up, he’s looking smoother than ever, and I’m loving the progression he’s been showing lately on his social media.
Who would have thought Mr nice guy, Todd Carter would be that guy to break the rules of a FM exclusive.
Thanks for contributing Todd, whose got episode 66? Dropping Sunday….

7 thoughts on “Episode 65: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Todd Carter

  1. Haha, thanks Effraim for the post! Even though this is now part of #HollaGate it was a fun project to work on! Sorry Keith! 🙂

  2. Information Society – Hack album. I bought that when it came out in 1990. One of my first CDs.

    Effraim, what about a feature where riders learn old tricks that they never got around to learning ? Like you with the Guillotine, and I remember Alex Jumelin had said in an interview awhile ago that he never learned Death Trucks. I’m sure every rider has an old trick that for whatever reason they never worked on and learned, but had always wanted to learn.

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